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UPMARKET APPEARANCES Anyway, the NA8005 looks like a more thoroughly thought-through apparatus as opposed to firm's old NA7004, that was initially hamstrung by the dependence on more firmware updating, to be sure that it stays at the rate with competing apparatus in regions including the number of formats supported, the supply of gapless playback, and Apple Air Play.And to some casual observer it appeared to swing between unavailable while when they were on sale upgrades were worked on, and then various reductions to change the components.Adjust the basic functions of your Marantz product with power, volume, input and surround mode selection.Marantz disc player control is also available via RC-5 (Remote Control) connection.Given its very reasonable price and wide-ranging capabilities, the Marantz NA7004 network audio player might well tempt those who have not yet sampled the delights of networked music.Be warned, though, that despite its size and weight this is not an all-in-one player like the Arcam Solo Neo or the Naim Uniti.Justement, en parallèle du PM8005, le lecteur SACD SA8005 débarque au catalogue avec pour fonction de servir de super-DAC à tout faire.

Fast thumbnail browsing, library search and playlist creation make navigating your large digital media library easier than ever before.The Marantz Remote App takes your listening enjoyment to the next level."Because Music Matters"Main feature:- Single Page Multi Zone Control Screen for AV Receivers- Assignable Home Screen Shortcut Buttons- Fast Thumbnail Browsing for Network Music File Playback (*1)- Playlist management for Network Music File Playback (Create/Edit/Delete)- Frequency Direct FM Tuning- Fast Internet Radio Browsing (*1)- Volume Limit Setting- New Marantz Blu-ray Player Control when paired with 2012 or later AVR and Blu-ray Models (*2)- Photo Slideshow Transition Adjustment - AVR and Multi Zone Renaming Capability- Simple Home Screen Help Display- Multi-Language Support (English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Polish) (*3)Notes:*1: During fast network browsing, the AVR GUI and Remote App display may be temporarily out of sync.*2: An HDMI connection between the AVR and Blu-ray player (HDMI Control setting = ON for both AVR and Blu-ray player) is required.*3: The OS language setting is automatically detected; when not available, English is selected.Compatible network models: 2015 Models: Network AV Receiver SR7010, SR6010, SR5010, NR1606, NR1506Network AV Pre-Amplifier AV8802(A)2014 Models: Network AV Receiver SR7009, SR6009, SR5009, NR1605Network AV Pre-Amplifier AV7702Network Audio Player NA80052013 Models: Network AV Receiver SR7008, SR6008, SR5008, NR1604,NR1504Network CD Receiver Melody Media (M-CR610)Network Receiver Melody Stream (M-CR510)Network Audio Player NA-11S12012 Models: Network AV Receiver SR7007, SR6007, SR5007, NR1603Network AV Pre Tuner AV8801, AV7701Previous Models: Network AV Receiver SR7005, SR6006, SR5006, NR1602Network AV Pre Tuner AV7005Network Audio Player NA7004Network CD Receiver M-CR603Notes:*may require an online firmware update for the use of this application.Il est également capable d'être câblé en bloc de puissance pure ou de sortir un signal pré-amplifié pour se montrer plus polyvalent.Une sortie casque est disponible en façade ; pas d'entrée auxiliaire par contre.

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