South florida dating services

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The dating-life makeover could mean anything from cleaning up your Facebook profile to fixing up your apartment.

Silverman also coaches clients on what to talk about, what to wear, and where to go on dates. Silverman spends many professional hours in front of the computer working on online content management, SEO, and social media.

"Well, in a weak economy where there aren’t that many good jobs to be had, things like personal coaching become an attractive job option," says de la Rosa.

Miami's Dan Silverman grew his coaching business out of something he was doing free at bars all over South Florida.

Silverman used to get groups of guys together to practice meeting women.

Most of them were quiet guys who found the South Beach scene intimidating. Lieber describes himself as that guy who sat in the corner at high school parties and didn't speak.

The group grew so popular, participants started telling Silverman he could turn it into a business, and he did. He moved to Weston from California and had to grow a new social network. Miami Dating offers packages for men and women that run anywhere from 0 for phone sessions to ,000 for matchmaking services and an extensive dating-life makeover.

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