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: “The police were firing so much tear gas and rubber bullets too. “Some of the refugees were told that the border would be opening up at 9am today.

Hundreds of families had their bags packed, ready to leave.

They said they don’t want to stay here because otherwise they’ll die. People have to lodge their applications through Skype, but in the camp it’s just not plausible.

I have friends in committed relationships that are very nervous to disclose how crazy they are about their partner because they’re worried they will be judged. I know many people afraid or ashamed to admit they are struggling.

In ancient Babylon, Greek historian Herodotus wrote accounts of a form of worship of the goddess Aphrodite that compelled a woman, once in her lifetime, to offer herself up to a stranger.

The ritual would proceed as follows: the woman would arrive at the temple and wait for the first man to cast a coin into her lap (the amount was irrelevant) and speak the sacred words.

Macedonian police have fired tear gas at more than 500 people attempting to break through a border fence at the Idomeni camp in Greece.

A number of photos and videos on social media appear to show refugees running from gas canisters and stun grenades thrown by officers in riot gear.

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