Dating a busy girl

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They might be understanding of our situation, but at some point, we need to include them back in our lives to retain their trust. Oh, looking it up the night of and picking out what I'm going to eat before I get there so I can hear all your wonderful stories from the week ASAP? Remember: She's your girl, not the boss So, treat her like one.

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You will find a lot of women in different sectors of the work force, and there is no stopping them from their busy lives. So what happens when you find yourself incredibly attracted to a woman who’s always on the go? There is no one else you’d rather spend your free time with, but sadly, she cannot meet you, not yet. If you are willing to take up this whole challenge of being with a girl who has her priorities straight, and her schedule full, then accept it. If the girl you are trying to date has a monthly/yearly planner, try to take pictures of it so you can keep track of when she has free time, and so you also know when to ask her out.But remember, you ain't one of those unfortunate beings.So, when with her, seldom discuss work, unless she's so keen for an opinion from you.Instead, give priority to her life apart from work.People often have this notion that what makes relationships thrive is always spending time together.

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