Benefits of consolidating cutomer service center

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Shared Services allows organizations to leverage economies of scale by consolidating resources and streamlining processes through effective use of technology and a simple service delivery.

Conclusion By understanding the benefits provided by Shared Services and how they might mitigate strategic challenges, many institutions choose to take advantage of a Shared Services model to transform into a lean and agile organization.

This could lead to HIPAA breaches and fines that could damage your agencies reputation and put you out of business.

How does your agency work towards HIPAA compliance?

Whom do I contact if I have questions about consolidation?

But, they usually fall well short of what is required.Now more than ever, consumers need experts to guide them through the insurance maze.Many agencies are buried in paperwork because of industry changes and everyday administrative duties.A third is consolidating support and mission services for two different government entities.” The Partnership and Deloitte looked at efforts being conducted by three federal agencies: the departments of Energy and Homeland Security and NASA. NASA’s Shared Services Center (NSSC) provides 55 support services, including human resources, procurement, IT and finance, to personnel at the space agency’s 10 research, space and flight centers.To streamline its support functions, NASA combined four administrative support services under one roof to serve the agency’s 10 centers nationwide.

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